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  Last week, we said that Pandora learned to be braver at the waterpark, and to share her opinions more freely. Junior was very happy, though, because his father was coming to the Happy Forest.


  上周我们说到,Pandora在水上乐园学会了勇敢地发表意见。Junior最近特别高兴,因为他的爸爸马上就要回Happy Forest了。


  Junior’s father Cris was part of the prairie police, and Junior respected him very much. “My father is a superhero. He protects the weak and maintains justice. All the bad guys are afraid of him.”




  “I don’t believe you. There aren’t any real superheroes,” said Oxford.





  Three days later, Cris returned to the Happy Forest, and discovered that Junior had brought his classmates along to greet him. Junior hugged his father and said, “Dad, Oxford doesn’t believe that you are a superhero. Prove it to him!” Cris laughed.“How do I prove it to him?”


  三天后,Cris回到了Happy Forest,他发现Junior带着一群小伙伴来接他。Junior抱住他,“爸爸,Oxford不相信你是超人,你快证明给他看!”Cris笑了笑,“我要怎么证明?”


  “Superheroes have capes,” Oxford thought. Cris pulled a red banner out of the car and put it around his neck.




  Oxford then said, “Superheroes are very strong.” Cris laughed and picked up Oxford, lifting him above his head.




  Oxford thought again. “Superheroes can fly!” This could stump Cris. He’s a lion. How could he fly? Cris scratched his head and said, “I’m sorry Junior. I can’t fly.”





  Junior was shocked. “But you’re a superhero. What do you mean you can’t fly?” Oxford said confidently, “If your father can’t fly, he isn’t a superhero!” Junior was very disappointed when he heard this, and ran away. “I don’t like Dad anymore!”




  A few days later, an old granny goat brought a bunch of flowers for Cris to thank him. As it turns out, Cris had helped her cross the street recently. She said to Junior, “Your father is like the superhero of the prairie.”





  Junior frowned. “But he can’t fly, so he can’t be a superhero.” The granny goat said in response, “Not everything that flies is a superhero. People who are kind, brave, and willing to help others are the real superheroes.”




  Junior was ashamed. His face went red as he gave the flowers to his father. “Dad, whether you can fly or not, you’re still a superhero to me. Cris was very touched and said, “Thank you, son.”




  The next day, Junior got a model airplane, but it caused his classmates to start arguing. What happened? We’ll find out next week.




  Goodnight. Sweetdreams.










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